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IMF: Strong Recovery in Jamaica but Bold Reforms Still Needed

The government’s reform program—supported by a four-year IMF loan approved in 2013—has been a turning point for the Jamaican economy and a case study in ownership and collaboration. The government took on the program to break the cycle of high debt and low growth that has afflicted Jamaica for decades.

Although the economic recovery continues, growth remains weak. In its latest assessment of the Jamaican economy [link to SR], the IMF projects growth at 1.7 percent in fiscal year 2016/2017. The government will therefore need to implement bold structural reforms to unleash Jamaica’s potential.


Condemning Orlando attack, senior UN Advisor gravely concerned by homophobia and islamophobia that followed

Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide Adama Dieng. UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

17 June 2016 – A senior United Nations human rights advisor has condemned the criminal attack that took place at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on 12 June, in which 49 people were killed and 53 injured, and expressed grave concern at the outpouring of hatred, homophobia and Islamophobia that followed the incident, which targeted the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

“At a time when there was greatest need for sympathy and solidarity, I was appalled by the immediate and shameful efforts of some political and religious leaders to manipulate and politicise the events in Orlando to fuel fear, intolerance and hatred,” said Adama Dieng, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide.

“I was particularly sickened to hear religious leaders commend the killings of members of the LGBT community,” he added, referring to statements by some religious leaders, including one who labelled the victims as “disgusting perverts and paedophiles” and calling on governments worldwide “to execute LGBT people.”


In wake of deadly Orlando attack, UN officials urge stand against spread of hatred and violent extremism

(General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft. UN Photo/Manuel Elias)

13 June 2016 – Condemning the shooting that occurred early yesterday morning in Orlando, Florida, in which 50 people were reportedly killed and dozens more were injured, United Nations officials have offered deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those who were murdered while simply enjoying a night out with their friends at a nightclub.

Expressing outrage for the attack and deep sorrow for the victims killed, Mogens Lykketoft, the President of the UN General Assembly, in a statement issued by his spokesperson, called the worst mass shooting in US history by a lone gunman “a misguided and despicable act of barbarism.


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