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24 August 2016 – In the wake of powerful earthquakes today in Italy and Myanmar, the United Nations relief wing is monitoring the situations, and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's spokesperson said the UN and its partners stand ready to support both countries and local actors should any humanitarian support be needed. “The Secretary-General is saddened by the reports of... Details
18 August 2016 – Praising the spirit and drive of relief workers, the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O'Brien, has said the global humanitarian community is determined to... Details
11 August 2016 – Encouraging young refugees gathered for an event at resettlement centre in Los Angeles to “study hard [and] be a full part of your new communities,” United... Details
1 July 2016 – The top human rights body at the United Nations has voted to appoint an independent expert on protection from violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual,... Details

Caribbean UN Tweets

  • holocaust chaguanas
  • 20150715 122052
  • ispd 002616
  • Secondary school students attended a Holocaust film screener and exhibit at the Chaguanas Borough Hall , Trinidad
  • Library users at the Chaguanas public library came to learn more about their rights.
  • UN ECLAC - Veera (left) and trainers smile for the cam at a Sporting for peace event in Rio Claro , Trinidad

Featured Stories

23 August 2016 - As part of its human trafficking programme, the Counter Trafficking Unit of the Ministry of National Security in Trinidad and Tobago and International Organisation on Migration invited the the United Nations to make presentations to senior police officers, who are involved in the... Read more
19 July 2016 – For the first time, a new United Nations report details the number of trees,... Read more
14 July 2016 – More than half of the world’s fragile coral reefs are under threat and... Read more
What we need from the Humanitarian Summitby Stephen O'Brien Next week at the first ever World... Read more
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