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10th ILO Caribbean Minister of Labour Meeting adopts its Conclusions

Kingston (ILO News) - Following two days of deliberation on realizing decent work under the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the Ministers of Labour and other high-level representatives of the Ministries…

Human Development Report - Extreme poverty and exclusion amidst progress in Latin America and Caribbean

  Development gaps for women, indigenous peoples, remote dwellers and other groups set to widen unless deep-rooted development barriers, including violence, discrimination and unequal political participation, are tackled. Stockholm, 21…

UN in the Caribbean - working towards the SDGs

ECLAC - Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean (CEPAL) ECLAC has been involved in a project entitled “Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean: Reducing the Carbon Footprint in the…

UN: stark gap between urban and rural employment in Latin America and the Caribbean

20 October 2016 – A new United Nations labour report has revealed that more than half of the 52 million workers in rural areas of the Latin American and Caribbean…

UN emergency teams ‘on the ground’ in the Caribbean to help respond to Hurricane Matthew

5 October 2016 – In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean region, United Nations emergency response teams have been deployed to Haiti and Jamaica…

UN S-G remarks at UNAIDS report launch

United Nations Secretary-General  REMARKS AT UNAIDS LAUNCH OF UNAIDS AND LANCET COMMISSION REPORT: “DEFEATING AIDS – ADVANCING GLOBAL HEALTH”     Ladies and gentlemen, Today we launch a major report…

United Nations in the Caribbean:

The United Nations family is spread across a number of Caribbean States to maximise outreach and assistance to governments and the peoples of the Caribbean. Resident Offices - are offices that are physically located in a country (known as host country).

Country Teams - refers to the collective of those UN Resident Offices and Special Programmes in any particular country. It also includes UN offices that may not be physically located in the host country; but includes that member state as part of its area of responsibility (AOR). 

While each office, agency or programme has its individual mandate, all Resident Offices in a country work together to deliver common goals for example Human Rights, Climate Change and so on.

Collaborations or joint activities are often conducted  between two or more offices- in the UN System we refer to this as part of our "Delivering as One" initiative. A Resident Coordinator for Operational Activities (Resident Representative) is assigned the responsibility of facilitating, coordinating and advancing the cause of team-work among resident offices, so that the host country or area of responsibility gets the best value for money and highest possible quality of service from the United Nations.

There are Six (6) country teams in the English and Dutch Speaking Caribbean: BARBADOS, BELIZE,  GUYANA, JAMAICA, SURINAME AND TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 


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