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What is United Nations?

Representatives of the 26 allied nations sign the declaration of the United Nations in Washington DC, USA. Photo credit: UN Photo/archives

Out of the Ashes:

After the end of the second world war, fifty-one countries assembled to host a series of meetings to deliberate on a peaceful way forward as mankind. The reasoning behind this meeting was to avoid the pain and suffering and loss of human life because of war.

So these countries agreed to create an international organisation that would be the forum for the peaceful resolution of  differences and dialogue on a common way forward for humanity.

On 24 October 1945, the San Francisco Charter entered into force and the United Nations officially began its work.

"We the peoples of these United Nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetimes have brought untold pain and sorrow to mankind ..."

Preamble to the
Charter of the United Nations


  • Maintain International Peace and Security
  • Develop friendly relations among nations
  • Achieve international cooperation in solving international problems
  • To be the centre for harmonising global actions

Structure of UN

Images credit: UN Photo

Human Rights

All humans are born equal in dignity and rights. UN works to promote and protect the human rights of every person. The UDHR outlines our fundamental rights .

Peace and Security

"A brilliant improvisation" is the way Louise Frechette described the UN's adaption to include peacekeeping and peace-building in its functions. Today it is one of its most critical functions.

Rule of Law

UN works within an International Framework to bring those to justice to commit crimes against humanity and to resolve international issues between its Member States.

Climate Change

UN is central to the global action to urgently take action to address the impact of climate change brought about by human activity and to encourage action to implement COP. 


The United Nations Information Centre for the Caribbean Area (UNIC) is now located at:

1 Chancery Lane, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.  

Telephone: +1 (868) 224-8012

Email: unic.portofspain@unic.org