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SDGs Doors exhibit launched at UNIC

Promotional graphic of the SDG's doors artwork created to promote the exhibit
Promotional graphic of the SDG's doors artwork created to promote the exhibit image credit UNIC Port of Spain

UNIC Port of Spain Launched its Exhibit on the SDGs and United Nations monuments on 1 July 2019. The event began with a guided tour of the Centre's main corridor that was configured to become a gallery of painted artwork and photographs that connect to or depict the Sustainable Development Goals. One of the feaures of the exhibit is the collection of seventeen paintings that are mounted on the doors that run along the corridor.


This intiative came about when the Informtion Centre met with students of a secondary girl's school in south Trinidad that adopted the SDGs as part of its idenity. The students and teachers of the school have committed to take personal and collective actions that support the 2030 agenda. 

One of those actions included expressing the SDGs as art. One of the students at the shcool painted seventeen imags each one an expression of one of the Sustainable Development Goals; those paintings would ultimately end up on display at the UNIC.

At the same time the UNIC worked on its own concept of connecting to the Goals. Official pictures of monuments, buildings and activities were carefully compiled, printed and mounted on the walls of the Centre's corridor. 

The launch of the art and photos also included an online dialogue with a representative of the ACURIL which is the association of Caribbean library professionals. She spoke about the organisation's focus on the Sustainable Development Goals and the roles that the region's libraries have and could play in acheiving the Agenda 2030.

photo shows students of the girl's school looking at the UN's Headqarters lit up with the SDGs. -- credit UNIC Port of Spain/ Ruben Neckles


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