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UNDL Suriname launches Holocaust exhibit

27 January 2015 - the United Nations Depositary Library in the Univeristy of Suriname in Paramaribo today lauched its exhibit in observance of the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.  The Director of the Library who is also the President of ACURIL 2014 -2015  and her staff put together a the exhibit and hosted a ceremony on the Day proper, the exhibit includes personal stories, videos and books that give a background of the Holocaust and the events sorrounding Europe at the time of the Nazi invasion of Europe. In 2014 this Depositary Library agreed to support the United Nations Department of Public Information's outreach by hosting a small permanent collection of Holocaust education materials that can be accessed by the public.  Pleaes contact the staff for more information. 

P.O. Box 9212
Leysweg 86
Tel. 597-464547
Fax: 597-434211

For more information on the United Nations outreach education programme on the Holocaust visit the official webpage.


Univerisity of Suriname Photobook for Holocaust Remembrance 2015


   {module University of Suriname Holocaust photobook}


UNDL Suriname hosts UN human rights outreach

9 December 2013 - Paramaribo, Suriname. United Nations Depositary Library in partnership with one of the Departments of the Anton De Konm Univeristy, hosted a presentation and interactive session by the UNIC on Human Rights and the United Nations. UNIC spoke about the current situation of human Rights around the world and identified thriee marginalised peoples in the Caribbean Area , Belize,  Guyana  and Suriname - the disabled, indigenous peoples and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender persons (LGBT).  These groups continue to be marginalised by state and cuivil society in all regions; some of the issues that arise are  poor or insufficient progress in providing accessibility to state facilities and services for persons with physical and mental disabilities, exclusion of indigenous communities from decision making in so far as it regards self -determination and the equity in land use and resource exploitation and failure to decriminalise consensual same sex activities between adults. In additon to this the UNIC aslo pointed to the expressed concerns of Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on violence, persecution, torture and killing of persons belonging to these marginalised groups.

UNIC also mentioned some of the international mechanisms for accesing funding for the promotion  and protection of human rights and coordinates for filing individual complaints, by on behalf of victims.


UN Day (2010) at UNDL in Suriname

"UN DAY – Greening the Blue” exhibitions




The Library of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (UB) has the status of United Nations (UN) Depository Library since 1986, which means promoting UN services and activities.


Theme:    Greening the Blue

Purpose:    Promote the UN Publications dealing with “greening your environment”, in particular the E-Books

Duration:    from October 24 until October 25, 2011

Time:        08.00 - 20.30h.

Location:    Central Library

Organization:    University Library



For the execution of this exhibition the Director of the University Library, Jane W.F. Smith, installed a team led by Ingrid Dors and complemented with the following co-workers Julia Grootfaam, Lucille Lijkwan and Bert Alikromo.

This team was responsible for the preparation, literature search, exploration of the UN Day website and setting up the exhibition: download posters, e-books, wallpapers, animated film, power point presentation and flyer.


"Greening the Blue" was launched in 2010 to get an environmental 'awareness' process started, with sustainable management in both the UN staff and other stakeholders as the ultimate goal.


The exhibit would also feature documents (hard copy, e-books), posters and online databases (e.g. UNDOC),  which served to increase the awareness and use of e-documents in the Library.


The message of the UB: “Go green, don’t print unless necessary”



The “UN DAY” exhibition was announced in the university’s weekly “AdeKUS notes” and the communiqué was placed on the website of the University Library.

The daily newspaper De West and the local TV channel ATV were present at the opening of the “UN DAY” exhibition to cover this event for the general public.


The expo was opened by Jane W.F. Smith, Director of the University Library. In her opening speech she emphasized the purpose of the exhibition which was creating a greater awareness of the environment, starting in the Library of the University of Suriname.

This was displayed with the benefit of E-Books by promoting the UN Publications dealing with “greening your environment”.

After pressing the button for the Power point presentation “Greening the Blue”, the exhibition was declared open for the public.


Because of the location of the expo (the space between the cyber hall and the reproduction unit), many visitors paid attention to the exhibition but didn’t sign in the guestbook. According to the statistics of these departments these visitors numbered in total 104.

The number of registered visitors: 26.


the Original Document wast made by Bert Alikromo, team member

Paramaribo, November 01, 2011

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