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List of serials titles

UNIC Reference Library catalogue includes  official documents from:

  • UN Secretariat - Secretary-General reports and other publications ; Security Council Resolutions ;Economic and Social Council resolutions, reports and special publications ;Trusteeship Council resolutions and reports ; General Assembly resolutions, reports and special publications ; International Court of Justice reports and publications

The library also houses flagship documents from other specialised UN agencies, offices and programmes inluding Annual Reports; Special monographs;Thematic annual reports

 The library is also a place to conduct research 

We offer free Internet wireless access for our visitors who come to do research. The Reading room also includes public access computers, and feature documents such as the latest titles in human rights, climate change, development and annual reports. Researchers include students, teachers, government officials, other UN Staff and the general public.

Need Help?  You can request a consultation with the Reference Assistant - send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The library is a place where you can come to relax, read a journal or magazine if you want to make up some time while up-town.

Visiting Hours - 09:30 to 4:00 - Monday to Friday except on public holidays.

List of Serials in the Reference Libray Holdings

  • A to G

    Africa Environment Outlook
    Africa Renewal
    Annual Evaluation Report:Evaluation and Oversight
    Boletin Demografico/Demographic Bulletin
    CEPAL review
    Code of safe practice for cargo stowage and securing
    Code of safe practice for solid bulk cargoes
    Code of safety for fishermen and fishing vessels
    Code on Intact Stability for all types of ships covered by IMO instruments
    CODEX  Alimentarius commission
    Commission for Social Development Report
    Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Report
    Commission on Human Rights Report
    Commission on Narcotic Drugs
    Commission on Population and Development Reports
    Commission on Science and Technology for Development. Reports
    Commission on Sustainable Development: Report
    Committee of experts on Public Administration
    Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights - Reports
    Committee on Fisheries - Reports
    Committee on Information
    Commodity Market Review
    Commodity Yearbook
    Compendium of Food Additive Specifications
    Competent National Authorities under the International Drug Control Treaties
    Costs of Disarmament
    Delegate's Handbook
    Directory of non-governmental organizations associated with the DPI
    Disarmament Forum
    ECLAC - Binnenial Report
    Economic Commission for Europe. Annual report
    Economic Development in Africa
    Economic Survey
    Economic Survey of Europe
    Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean
    ECOSOC Yearbook
    Energy Balances and Electricity Profiles
    Energy Statistics Yearbook
    Energy Statistics Yearbook
    Environmental performance review
    Environmental Performance Reviews
    ESCAP population data sheet
    Expenditures, Investment and Financing for Sustainable Development
    FAO Annual Yearbook
    FAO Bulletin of Statistics
    FAO Fisheries Report
    FAO fishery statistics
    FAO Statistical Yearbook
    Forced Migration Review
    Foreign Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Forest and Forest Products
    General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean
    Global Environment Outlook


  • H to R

    Human Development Report
    IAEA Annual Report
    ICAO Journal
    IFAD Annual Report
    IMDG Code
    IMO News
    INCB: International Narcotics Control Board. Annual Report
    Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly
    Index to Proceedings of the Security Council
    Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook
    Industrial commodity statistics yearbook Production statistics
    Industrial Development Report
    Information Economy Report
    International accounting and reporting issues
    International Aeronautical and Maritime and Rescue Manual (IAMSAR)
    International Court of Justice  Yearbook
    International Labor Review
    International Migration Report
    International Narcotics Control Board Report
    International Trade Forum
    International Trade Statistics
    International Trade Statistics Yearbook
    International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
    International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics
    Investment Policy Review
    Journal of African Transformation
    Law of the Sea Bulletin
    Least Developed Country Report
    Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General
    National Accounts Statistics: Main aggregates and detailed tables
    NOTAS de poblacaion
    Nuclear Safety Review
    Permanent Missions to the United Nations
    Pesticide residue in food
    Politically Speaking
    Population & Housing Census demographic report
    Population and housing census - Households and housing report
    Population and Vital Statistics Report
    Preliminary Overview of the Economies of Latin America and the Caribbean
    Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods
    Report of the Disarmament Commission
    Review of basic food policies
    Review of maritime transport

  • S to Y

    Social panorama of Latin America
    SOLAS Amendments
    State of the worlds cities
    State of the World's Forests
    state of World Aquaculture 2006
    Statement of International  Treaties  and International Agreements registered or filed and recorded
    Statistical Yearbook
    Statistical yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean
    Studies and Reviews
    Technical Co-operation Report
    Technology and Innovation Report
    The Law of the Sea
    The State of Food And Agriculture
    The State of World Population
    The United Nations Disarmament Yearbook
    The World Health Report
    Towards a Knowledge Based Economy
    Trade and Development Report
    Trade Point Review
    Transnational corporations
    Treaty Series
    Tunza : acting for a better world
    UN Chronicle
    UN Demographic Yearbook 2002
    UN Documents Index
    UNCTAD Annual Report
    UNCTAD Handbook of statistics
    UNECE - Forest products annual market review
    UNECE countries in figures
    UNFPA Annual Report
    UNICEF Annual Report
    UNICEF Annual Report
    UNIDO Annual Report
    Union Postale
    United Nations Juridical Yearbook
    UNODC – Annual Report
    WHO year in review
    WIPO Annual Report
    WIPO Magazine
    World Drug Report
    World Drug Report
    World Economic and Social Survey
    World Food Programme Annual Report
    World Investment Report
    World population policies
    World population prospects
    World Public Sector Report
    World report on road traffic injury prevention
    World Report on Violence and Health
    World Report on Violence and Health: Summary
    World statistical compendium for raw hides and skins, leather and leather footwear
    World Trade Organization. Trade Profiles
    World Trade Report
    WTO Annual Report
    WTO International Trade Statistics
    Yearbook of the International Law Commission
    Yearbook of the United Nations

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