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The Department of Global Communications Civil Society Unit is responsible for facilitating the United Nations' engagement with civil society. This happens through the exchange of information and the development of partnerships that enhance this interaction and provide civil society with a deeper understanding of the work of the United Nations. Felipe Queipo, Communications Officer at the Civil Society Unit, provides more insight and information on how this partnership works.

How does the United Nations define civil society? What's the difference between NGOs and CSOs and why does the Unit make this distinction?


Email: unic.portofspain@unic.org 

The United Nations Information Centre for the Caribbean Area (UNIC) has moved from its office at 16 Victoria Avenue,

Port of Spain (Bretton Hall), and will relocate to new premises in early 2021.  

All current telephone landlines have been deactivated.

UNIC staff can also be reached via our individual UN email addresses. We continue teleworking operations (begun in April 2020)

until the Centre’s move to new premises.

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago